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"@bernardokath: 🎀🎀 #Kath18 🎀🎀"

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You’ve Got to Believe in MAGIC

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I am so turned on right now. Harold Edward Styles who gave you the fucking right.





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Everything i want for summer is FINALLY HERE!

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"Mahal na mahal kita." 

"Sorry na.."

- Chichay

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“Lalapit sa akin si DJ tapos sasabihin niya, ‘I need comfort.’ Tapos ako naman, ‘Aww. Halika dito,’ then I hug him. Oo, parang baby si DJ.” - Kathryn Bernardo

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6 genuine signs to point out:

  1. (first gif) The way Daniel’s lips curl after he says “I love you” 
  2. (first gif) The way Daniel’s thumb quickly but lightly taps on the side of Kat’s face in nervousness
  3. (second gif) The tear that slides down Kat’s face after she says “I love you”
  4. (second gif) The way Daniel’s eyes seem to memorize her every move
  5. (third gif) The way she leans in
  6. (third gif) The way he lets her

This, ladies and gents, is why I sail this ship.

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Joaquin: Cristina, I’m sorry about Alex. She’s only like that with you.
Chichay: It’s okay. We should actually be thanking her, because of her I was able to meet you… and I also got a job.
Joaquin: Even if I didn’t choose you [for the job], someone else would anyway. Because you’re not just a very talented person. You’re also very… very… likeable.
Chichay: Excuse me.
Joaquin: Likeable, ryan. Really? Likeable. You should have stopped at talented. What are you…

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